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Put a spin on your fundraisers by cutting out the candy. This Calpak is the perfect fundraiser for schools, community groups, and workplaces. A range of healthy and convenient snacks in each box will have you taking repeat business from favorites like Cheetos, Rice Krispies, and Munchies.

If you’re looking for a different fundraiser that is just as appealing as candy, but meets US Nutrition Regulations, look no further than the CalPak snack fundraiser box. USDA approved for sale in schools, every snack within the CalPak meets strict requirements for fat, saturated fat, sugar, and calorie content. This doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on selling America’s favorite treats however, because each box contains classics like Baked Cheetos, Fruit Snacks, Gourmet Treats Chocolate Brownies and more.

(4) 66-Count assortment carriers per Mastercase

8 Flamin' Hot Cheetos Puffs 0.7 oz (Frito Lay)
3 Rice Krispies Treats WG 1.41 oz (Kellogg's)
6 Chocolate Chip Cookies 1.75 oz (Gourmet Treats)
6 Chocolate Chocolate Cookies 1.75 oz (Gourmet Treats)
7 Doritos RF 1.0 oz (Frito Lay)
4 Flamin' Hot Munchies 0.9 oz (Frito Lay)
8 Chocolate Brownie 2.0 oz (Gourmet Treats)
13 Flamin' Hot Cheetos Fantastix 1.0 oz (Frito Lay)
5 Strawberry Pop Tart (1ct) 1.76 oz (Kellogg's)
3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bar 1.41 oz (General Mills)
3 Fruit Snacks 1.55 oz
U-S-D-A School Approved!
“There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation.” Ken Burnett


Carriers per Case
Treats per Carrier
Treats per Master (shipping) Case
# of
per Case
per Case
8 $158 $106 40%
25 $153 $111 42%
No Hidden Costs. We Pay Delivery Charges

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